PRINCE2: PRINCE2 Practitioner 2017


This course is aimed at candidates with a Foundation certificate who wish to supplement their qualifications by obtaining the Practitioner certificate. The course is run in a workshop format that encompasses a wide range of useful, practical exercises. Using case studies, the course participants learn how to apply and tailor the PRINCE2 methodology and associated management products. Group activities encourage the participants to analyse and discuss the key elements of PRINCE2 while providing practical examples of how to implement PRINCE2 and tailor it to suit different project requirements. Descriptions of exam components and strategies and discussions of sample questions ensure that the participants are well prepared for the Practitioner exam.

Also, you will be prepared for the Practitioner exams by solving sample exam questions during the course. The Practitioner examination is then done online following the course. This exam is open book (the PRINCE2 manual can be used), it is in multiple choice format, 75 questions linked to a multi-page scenario, of which 42 marks are required (55%) to pass the exam. Participants have 150 minutes for the exam. (Non-native speakers get another 40 minutes extra.)






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