Self Assessment

A P3M3 self-assessment offers the opportunity to assess web based your most likely maturity in respect of portfolio, programme and/or project management.

You will get the following responses:

  • An idea of the current level of organizational maturity in respect of portfolio, programme and/or project management
  • An indication on where to focus your improvement initiatives.

A self assessment, however, should not form the basis of any improvement plans. This should be deducted from a Diagnostic Assessement.

There are two levels of self-assessment available:

Standard self-assessment

This displays, but does not record, maturity-level scores.

Enhanced self-assessment

This stores the scores and provides analytical information for the results.


  • The detailed description of the self-assessment can be accessed from the P3M3 area of Read the guideline carefully.
  • Decide which environment you would like to assess (portfolio, programme and/or project management)
  • Decide on your interview partners
  • Decide on which type of self-assessment you would like to use
  • Down-load the questionnaire and execute your assessment


We recommend that you use an accredited consultant assist with the identification of key individuals for the interviews, collating answers from key personnel either individually or in groups and analysing the responses.