Sucessful consulting projects

Our projects are as varied as our customers and their needs. See an overview of typical consulting mandates below.

ObjectiveMore successful projects Harmonising different Project, Programme, Portfolio Management aproaches within the companyImplementing the company strategy
BackgroundReason for failing projects unclearDiffering approaches in originally independent organisationsInsufficient capabilities for identifying, prioritising, planning, executing and monitoring of change initiatives
  • Identified standard project complexities
  • Identfied Gaps between currently available and necessary capabilities
  • Implemented Project Management structures
  • Operational PMO
  • Built-up Capabilities
  • Identified Best Practices
  • Harmonised Project and Programme Management
  • Implemented Hub and Spoke Portfolio Management Model
  • Built-up capabilities
  • Implementing Project Portfolio Management
  • Implemented PMO
  • Built-up Capabilities
  1. Increased level of maturity within project and portfolio management
  2. Improved planning and monitoring of projects
  3. Enabled know-how transfer between projects

  1. Reduction of maintenance costs
  2. Reduced friction within projects through harmonised structures
  3. Improved portfolio planning and monitoring
  1. Improved achievement of strategic objectives
  2. Assurance of strategic alignment of portfolio
  3. Enabled benefits realisation
Profeo is an Accredited Consulting Partner (ACP) of AXELOS Ltd.