Project Services

We offer both online reviews and on-site consulting services to assist you in using PRINCE2 and to reassure you that it is being applied correctly.

Online Reviews – Our Auditing Service

This service provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your documentation conforms to PRINCE2 standards and matches the project's requirements. Choose between:

  • Standard review: written feedback within seven working days, or
  • Express review: written feedback (not including phone call) within two working days.

Simply forward your document to us by e-mail (service[at] We will submit the document to a quality review and provide you with structured feedback. After you have incorporated our improvements, we discuss any remaining open issues by phone.

The review is based on the 2009 version of PRINCE2. Documents can be reviewed using the 2005 version on request.

On-Site Consulting – Our Project Assurance Service

We can assist you in drawing up PRINCE2 documentation, provide support in running planning workshops, provide you with all the advice and guidance you need and ensure that you are operating in compliance with PRINCE2 standards.

Why not give us a call so that we can explore your needs properly and prepare an offer tailored to your specific requirements?