Profeo Assessments

Many studies show the direct correlation of project success (mostly measured as being on time, budget and delivering the expected quality) and the application of a comprehensive Project Management Standard. A study by Robert Joslin (Skema Business School, Lille campus, Avenue Willy Brandt, Lille, 59777, France) and Ralf Müller (Norwegian Business School, Nydalsveien 37, 0484 Oslo, Norway) titled “Relationships between a project management methodology and project success in different project governance contexts”, published in the International Journal of Project Management Volume 34, Issue 4, May 01, 2016, Pages 613-626, states

“….. that the application of a PMM (Project Management Method) account for 22.3% of the variation in project success, and PMMs that are considered sufficiently comprehensive to manage the project lead to higher levels of project success than PMMs that need to be supplemented for use by the project manager”.

Assessments can deliver answers to many questions and shorten the time for integrating an optimal project management environment which will enable improved meeting of strategic objectives.

  • Where do we position ourselves in comparison with our competition?
  • Which capabilities are available in our organisation?
  • How complex are our projects?
  • Which capabilities do we need to successfully implement change?
  • How do we assess the development of our capabilities over the years?

Profeo has developed 3 sequentiel assessments to answer these and other questions

BasicOverview of current capabilities with regards to project, programme, and project portfolio managements and important aspects of them.
  1. Online Survey
  2. Analysis
  3. Report

Completion of the analysis to include those aspects not covered by the basic assessment

Detailed current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses

  1. Execute interviews with key stakeholders
  2. Enhance report
  3. Present results

    Potential causes and solutions

    Required capabilities
    Detailed current capabilities
    List of required improvement actions

    1. Causal research
    2. Workshop to identify customer objectives
    3. Elaboration of the action plan
    4. Presentation of the results
    Our assessment method was developed by Profeo Ltd. and was based on various assessment standards (such as CMMI®, P3M3®, OPM3®, SPICE®)